Risk Parity Robo-Advisor

I worked on this project when I was an Asset Manager at CiBanco.


  • Develop a Robo-Advisor, called Optimist, who generates investment recommendations for an Asset Management team


  • 1 year project


  • Built Data Pipelines enabling smooth, automated flow of data from multiple sources
  • Lead the deployment of self-serve reports for various stakeholders
  • Researched Risk Parity strategies [1]
  • Coded functionalities of a Robo-Advisor whose recommendations are driven by a Risk Parity strategy


  • Batch scheduling
  • R
  • Shiny
  • SQL


  • Eliminated manual repetitive tasks from team’s daily processes
  • Migrated reporting workload from Excel to a full suite of dashboards
  • Uncovered actionable insights for an Asset Management team

Optimist documentation:

Intro to Optimist

Intro to Risk Parity

Please fork Optimist in github to collaborate!

[1] Roncalli, Thierry (2009) On the properties of equally-weighted risk contributions portfolios

Michelle Audirac
Data Scientist